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One Touch Scheduler: Bye Bye Spreadsheets and Hours of Aggravation, Hello One Touch and Done!

1/17/18 8:00 AM Lindsay Gillanders

Once upon a time in a land called Winnipeg, a bunch of young adults met while working in a downtown restaurant. Bartenders. servers, cocktailers, and supervisors, these dedicated employees loved everything about their job and were the best of friends. Life was wonderful.

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Topics: Restaurant Labor Control, Restaurant Scheduling, Restaurant Sales and Labor Forecasting, Guest Experience

Scared of $15 Minimum Wage? You Aren't The Only One. How to Combat Rising Expenses (And Keep Your Restaurant Profitable!)

1/10/18 9:00 AM Lindsay Gillanders

Well Ontario, $14 minimum wage is here and $15 minimum wage is just around the corner. In the restaurant industry this is understandably causing some major anxiety. This industry is labour heavy and with one of the biggest costs increasing dramatically, profitability is something that seems less and less certain.

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Topics: Restaurant Sales and Labor Forecasting, Guest Experience