A quick and handy guide to Bill 148 (and anyone else struggling with rising labour costs and increased reporting requirements!)

8/14/18 6:00 AM Lindsay Gillanders

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Struggling with employee retention? We have an app for that!

2/2/18 6:59 AM Lindsay Gillanders

Are you glued to your phone? It’s okay to admit that you are, and you’re not the only one. We all know that mobile devices are here to stay, but did you know that they’re actually replacing desktop devices when it comes to accessing the web? According to Entrepreneur Magazine Online, in December 2017, 56.74 percent of internet traffic came from mobile devices (including tablets). That’s huge! While mobile responsive websites were once a nice to have now they’re a requirement, and companies are adding app versions of their sites alongside them as a clean and efficient way to access their content.

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How to Run a Kick-Ass Preshift Meeting in Under 5 Minutes

12/15/15 7:00 AM Megan Duffy


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Restaurant manager log book: why your restaurant should NOT be using one

7/28/15 8:33 AM Jason Wagenaar

Restaurant Manager Log Book

Do you consider yourself an organized person?

Are you feeling trapped by the plans you make way too far in advance or weighed down by simply knowing too much about your current situation?

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Is the Management Team at your Restaurant Aligned for Success?

7/21/15 8:00 AM Tyler Edwards


I remember a time when my restaurant was facing a significant challenge.  

I finally sat down with one of my managers and asked him how he thought things were going in a certain department. I was shocked to hear him reply, “We’re doing great!”

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